The Lock Artist
This is Detective Sergeant Kerrigan Roy Cormag. He prefers Roy. He has a very faint Scottish accent, Glaswegian. He has a wedding band on his left hand and he only ever uses his right hand in introductions. That's about the most obvious about him.

He's generally quiet, but he'll talk if he's approached. He has studied and still does study many fields of psychology, micro-emotions, everything. Sherlock Holmes was a man he envied for a long time. When he found he was born with a gift to understand another person's emotions a bit better than the average person, he used it to his advantage. It isn't a superpower. He's entirely human.
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W o we
I have been gone from this account.

I swear I will be on next week guys.

This week is hell week.

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Send me a Symbol
- ✉: For a regular text message from my muse.
- ♣: Here, have a not so regular (maybe even a dirty one) text message.
- ✍: For what my muse has written about yours in their diary.
- ✎: For an unsent letter from my muse (May be AU if you want, just let me know what kind of AU you want).
- ☎: For a drunk phone call.
- ☏: How about a voice message from my muse?
- ♥: The favorites of my muse- can be anything from music to sex positions, you're allowed to specify what you want.
- ∞: A random headcanon about my muse and yours.
- ☯: Here, have a hug from my muse.
- ☮: An argument I think my muse would have with yours.
- ♪: I've put all of my songs on shuffle- now I have to write a drabble involving our muses with the next song that comes on.
- ♬: Would you care to dance? My muse has to dance with yours.
- ♛: My muse is royalty for a day and you are their loyal subject- wait, what? What would my muse's reaction be to this idea?
- ♚: You are my master- hold on. What if my muse was the loyal subject, how would this go?
- ✖: Your muse is drowning in the bathtub when mine walks into the bathroom.
- ☠: Your muse has died, this is how mine reacts.
- ❂: My muse is clumsy and crashes into yours.
- ✈: Our muses are on a plane together, by accident or choice. This is what happens.
- ☢: It's too hot outside, how does my muse suggest our muses cool down?
- ϟ: There's a storm going on and our muses are stuck together in a house- how will this go?
- ☂: It's pouring down and your muse forgot their umbrella, will my muse offer up theirs?
- ✧: Our muses went to eat out- where?
- ★: The stars are shining beautifully and my muse wants you to see them.
- ☾: It's in the middle of the night and my muse had a nightmare about yours- what does my muse do?
- ☼: The sun is shining bright and your muse got the bright idea of going out, does my muse agree with this?
- ☄: My muse is lost, luckily there is cellphone reception- does my muse dare to call yours for help?
- ♤: Our muses are playing a game, which kind and who is winning?
- ☻: Your muse got sunburnt, my muse didn't- how'd it happen and how'll mine help?
- ♒: Our muses are at the beach together, by accident or not, and yours was a bit too close to the waves- will my muse laugh or perhaps be helpful?
- ♦: Your muse asked mine to marry them, what's my muse's reaction?
- ◊: Your muse comes to mine, crying, how does my muse react?
- ✘: Scars aren't very pretty- my muse has to show you theirs.
- ✦: My muse was attacked but yours saved them- how'll my muse ever thank them?
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Send me a url and i’ll answer the following questions:

Do I rp with them:
Do I want to rp with them: 
Do I follow them: 
My opinion on them:

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❅ The Holidays: M!A List ❅
- Snowy Cabin: Your muse is snowed into a cabin with one other person. And oh no! It's for at least a week. Use this time wisely, because you might never have another chance with that lucky fellow/lady.
- A Christmas Miracle: What is that? Is that two pink lines? Yes it is! You have found out a few days before Christmas that you are now carrying a baby. The next person on your muse's dash is the father of that miracle baby. Good luck.
- Candy Land: Your muse has ended up in another world. There are lollipops and chocolates. Not to mention most of the people around you seem to live in gingerbread houses. The only way out? Is to find your one true love. How that happens is up to you.
- Christmas Ornament: It's time to decorate the house and bake some cookies! Your muse is suddenly in a festive mood and wants everyone else around them to be in one as well. Whether it's putting up a tree or watching reruns of Christmas movies.
- Mistletoe: Oh no! Not that dreadful thing. Kiss the next person on your dash to reverse the curse.
- Frozen Memories: On the way home from a New Years Eve party, your muse gets into an accident and wakes up in the hospital without a trace of memories of who they are. For two days, your muse scrambles to find their memories and the strangers in them.
- Jack Frost: Oh dear! Your muse was bitten by a frost fairy on their way home. Now stuck as a pint size creature with wings and suddenly cold as ice as you only have a week to find the cure before the curse becomes permanent by the last day at dusk.
- Starlight Romance: It's time for your muse to brush up on their manners. It's time for the New Years Ball and your muse is desperate for a date before the time runs out. Whether it leads to something more is entirely up to you.
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m!a list {Please! Do the thing!}


Chilly—My muse is freezing! They cannot seem to get warm! (Anon decides how long it lasts)

Animal—My muse is turned into an animal! (Anon decides what animal and how long it lasts.)

Memories—Muse has amnesia. (Anon decides duration)

Injury—Muse will be injured somehow (anon decides severity and injury) for ____

Artificial Heart—The muse no longer feels emotions- no pain, no anger, no rage. They simply become an apathetic shell. Can be broken early if something strong enough manages to break their “emotional inhibitor.”

Sick: Muse will be sick with a unique flu for (Anon decides. Anon may also specify flu symptoms, they can even be really odd, different from Cough curse.)

Frozen to the Core—Muse becomes extremely cold natured and seeks any form of warmth.

Jack the Ripper—Muse has been attacked by something that obviously has no sense of mercy. They are beaten, bloody, and left for dead someplace abandoned. Lasts until someone comes to the rescue… Or finishes the job.

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waiting for a reply for ages then finding out it was your turn to reply all along


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Richard Armitage Moves Magazine
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